Wednesday, August 24, 2016


After running Steamboat Marathon in June I decided to look into working with a coach for the summer mountain season to help iron out my training and help to hopefully guide me through a consistent an injury free season.  After reading Jason Koop's book Training Essentials for Ultrarunning I decided to go with Carmicheal Training Systems and was linked up with Coach John Fitzgerald.  For the 2 month leading up to Pikes John dished out intervals, intervals, and more intervals.  I have really enjoyed the challenge and structure of the training and do feel like it has been doing a great deal to help improve my running.  I had always read and been told that every workout should have a purpose, I don't think I ever fully grasped what that meant but having started to work with John and the CTS philosophy I'm gaining a great understanding of utilizing different types of workouts to work different body systems and making my recovery workouts as actual recovery days to be ready to get the most out of key workouts.  So far I have really enjoyed the challenge of the workouts which have included much more focused intensity than I had previously incorporated into my training but have also kept me excited and engaged going into each session with a objective rather  than just running and putting in miles for the sake of putting in miles.  I'm excited to see where this summer leads and have really been enjoying the journey and the team dynamic of working with John so far. Adelante!

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